Beware of Loan Scams

With the economy in a tricky phase, many people have been looking for alternatives to earning income at the end of the month or paying bills they can’t wait for. One way out is to borrow from companies that offer this service.

There is every kind of loan, and each one is offered to every type of person, just need to find a quick solution to their financial problems. The problem is that scammers have taken advantage of the need for these people to apply scams.

How To Securely Loan

How To Securely Loan

The ease of getting credit online makes more people turn to it when they need it, but this facility can also cause the person to fall for scams.

Let’s list the most common types of scams. Check out:

  • Counterfeit signing in contracts – Avoid signing documents that you don’t read carefully, that you don’t know, or are blank, as many criminals falsify people’s signatures to get a loan, and even with all their attention, banks and institutions fall for this scam,
  • Overcharge on contracts – read through every loan agreement, they should contain all the detailed amounts: total loan amount, installment amount, repayment terms, interest rates and the final presentation of these costs in CET (Total Effective Cost) ,
  • Request for passwords or access to bank account – Payroll loan agreement does not need information from checking / savings account passwords, only personal documents like ID, CPF, proof of address and proof of income. If you receive a call requesting this information to check your account for movement, please do not verify and call the number on the back of your card and verify that the call is successful,
  • Third- Party Loan – Be careful when making a loan, make sure that the person will meet the payments and if they are not acting in bad faith or deceiving you because you will be left with the debt,
  • Easy money offers – Always be wary of offers whose credit limits are higher or with interest rates well below market and which offer very advantageous conditions. Always trust banks or official bank correspondents who are authorized by the Central Bank,
  • Advance payment request – No bank or credit institution makes this request before releasing payroll loans if they ask for, suspect and do not sign the contract,
  • Fake sites simulating payroll credit offerings – Although they look official, these sites feature fake signup forms. Check to make sure the connection is secure, look at the url (the address bar) to make sure you’re on the right site, check out the contact information in the footer, and search for them in Complain Here and Procon,
  • INSS Offers – No INSS server can offer credit to be discounted on retirement or pension, if someone offers you INSS payroll loan, distrust and report,

The final tip is always to check your pay stub

The final tip is always to check your pay stub

Bank statements and if there are any signs of misappropriation, go to the police, make a Police Report and contact the bank or company that was defrauded. In case of retirees and pensioners we also recommend going to INSS personally and requesting the history of all loans made in your name: with date, amounts, terms and name of financial institutions. If there is no understanding, agreement and return, hire a lawyer.

But rest assured, if you need to use the payroll loan, CASH acts within the rules and in partnership with the best banks to ensure security and peace of mind for you.

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