PLN 1,000 loan – cheap non-bank option

Of course, we can easily borrow PLN 1,000 in a bank. However, what if the bank does not want to give us even such a small loan, because earlier we had some small delays in repayment, or we are looking for a loan that we would like to pay back quickly, e.g. in 3-monthly installments and the bank does not want to give us a loan with such a short period repayment?

A loan of PLN 1000 without major obstacles can also be obtained in non-bank companies, but the cost of such a loan may slightly differ from a bank loan.

Of course, it will be slightly more expensive in repayment, although with such a low amount and quick repayment, rather not much larger. I decided to take a look at exactly which companies we have the opportunity to obtain inexpensive 1000 PLN loans with repayment in 3 monthly installments.

The lowest installment of the loan: PLN 413.78

As I predicted, I obtained the lowest monthly installment possible from Loan and Credit. It was not a big surprise for me because I have been observing the company’s offer for quite a long time and I know that they have the most advantageous installment loan offer currently on the market.

The other companies presented below have a similar amount of monthly loan installments, but Loan and Credit’s offer sticks out quite a bit. So if you are looking for a loan of PLN 1,000 or even more (but not more than PLN 3,000) then Loan and Credit’s offer will definitely seem the most recommendable.

A loan application can be submitted by persons from 18 years of age who have an ID card and at the same time do not have debts in BIK’s databases as well as in the debtors’ registers.

I had the opportunity to find the second most

Advantageous installment loan offer in the amount of PLN 1,000 in a company well known to you, namely in Providence. Before anyone raises a voice that it is expensive with them, first check the self-service loan offer, which is much cheaper to pay than a home loan. I know that you will tell me that this loan is not so easy to obtain because there is some truth in it.

A self-service loan is a fully internet loan, therefore, it is necessary to obtain a positive creditworthiness assessment to obtain it, and the credit history in BIK databases is also checked as part of such ability. As in Loan and Credit, the offer is open to persons over 18 years old.

The cost of a loan

In E-Money is similar to the offer of a self-service loan in Provident and probably no one will be surprised because both brands are currently in the hands of one company. E-Money is a fully online loan, so you won’t have to visit any facility or visit consultants to obtain it. Obtaining a loan in E-Money is possible provided that we are over 18 years old and we do not have significant debts that will be visible in BIK and debtors’ bases.

In the following statement, Good Finance is the last company in today’s statement in which people aged 18 have a chance to get a loan. Until recently it was not possible to calculate the exact cost of the loan by Good Finance, but today it is already possible. Through Good Finance we have the option of borrowing smaller amounts in this case in the amount of PLN 1,000, as well as much larger ones up to PLN 10,000. This is one of the few proposals in which it is possible to obtain a loan without the need for a verification transfer.


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